Friday, June 12, 2009

More Finds

I am more than a little backed up on my blogging. Particularly when it comes to posting my amazing yard sale, thrift store, and antique mall finds. These beauties were from a few weeks ago:

The Haul

This chandelier is sort of like the one in Grace's room. The colors are a perfect match for my "grandma room" and it was a steal! Seriously, I LOVE it. I just got the hardware to hang it and I think I will talk Jeff into helping me when he gets home. Dying!!!

Buttons & Jewels
I'm gonna make MANY a beautiful accessory with these guys.

Creepy/Pretty Doll Head
I've seen a few of these at antique shops and they are a small fortune. (for just a doll head...)

A full doll. She's kinda cute. (Please don't haunt me little doll girl!) More pillowcases, two wall plaques, and a doily.

Vintage Santa, and a framed floral lithograph for my guest bathroom.

My SUPER awesome canister set. They are the perfect homes for my crafting supplies. I have them placed on my shelves above my desk. I smile each time I see them!

There you have it! More exciting treasures to come...