Friday, May 1, 2009

{I Found It}

Yesterday I had the extreme pleasure of stopping by the Brass Armadillo, an antique mall in Phoenix. They were having a sale and I was in search of some items for my hair pieces and a dress for the Bohemian Soiree. I didn't fair well on the tidbits, but I SCORED BIG on the dress. It caught my eye and two things ran though my head: Will it fit me? How much does it cost? I checked the tag and to my amazement it was my size. I searched for the price, but it was not to be found. After inquiring about it's cost, I was introduced to the booth owner who gave me the news I had dared to hope for...$9.99! (Plus 15% off!) I almost couldn't believe it. I continued to wind my way thorough the maze of booths and happened upon a pair of gloves that seemed as if the could match the dress. With my fingers figuratively crossed, I brought the gloves with me to the cashier's station. I was amazed for a second time. They matched so well one would think they came together. Lucky, lucky me! (It was strange to have spent nearly the same amount on the gloves as I did the dress...but I'll take it.) Now, my wheels are spinning as I am dreaming up how I will embellish and accessorize. Oooh...the fun I will have. The icing on the cake will be the chance to spend a whimsical evening with my dashing husband. I can hardly wait!

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