Sunday, May 17, 2009

Success is Sweet

Whew! That was the sound of me exhaling with relief...the Soiree and Market was a TRIUMPH! After many, many hours of effort everything was pulled together beautifully and I couldn't be more pleased with the fruits of my labor. My prayers were answered and I was blessed with countless strokes of genius and inspiration. I had the opportunity to meet so many LOVELY people and taste the pleasure of their compliments on my handmade beauties. Thank you from the deep down bottom of my heart to all of my new friends for making the event magical.

The whole affair could be described in two words...sensory overload! Each booth was packed with the most fantastic treasures and displays. Inspiration explosion of talent and creativity! It was an extreme honor to have been showcased with the likes of these ladies.

The Soiree was divine. Music filled the evening air as bejeweled, bohemian beauties meandered through the enchanted atmosphere. There was no shortage of glamour, style, funk, and pizazz. The excitement ran through my veins long after I returned home and made it impossible to sleep. (That AND I still had much to do for the Market.)

Without a wink of sleep I arrived bright and early Saturday morning to set up for the Market. Jessi and I clinked cans of Rockstar Juiced as we toasted to the success of the previous night and our total lack of sleep. (Figuratively) My loopiness had me at a loss of words at times (literally), but brought out a quirky side of me that had me feeling like a social butterfly. I thrilled at the chance to meet so many fun and friendly people. My family's support was the cherry on top (cause I'm not really an icing kind of girl) to a truly BLISSFUL weekend.

Now for the snapshots. Be prepared...there are many.

Mimi and Me

A proud pose

Hubby, Moi, Josh & preggers Jamie

My booth on the evening of the Soiree

Market morning (some changes)


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it was so nice to meet you saturday at the market. you're stuff was absolutely to die for! You're quite the inspiration! did you say you had an etsy shop? I'd love to check that out as well if you do:)